Infrared forehead temperature scan system HT-1403AS

Infrared forehead temperature scan system HT-1403AS

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1. General Information

Multi-sensor Infra-Red Thermal Scanner is a fast and convenient device for measuring user’s temperature. It is easy to used, mechanically stable, and with reliable accuracy. When measuring, the user simple need to stand in front of it about 20-40cm for less than 1 second, the instrument will quickly test the personnel’s forehead temperature and display in the digital LED.

2. Design Principal

The amount of radiation energy and its distribution by wavelength are closely related to the object’s surface temperature. HT-1403A S Infrared temperature screening instrument is a thermometer that measures the temperature of human body by using the principle of receiving infrared (of wavelength 9~13um).

3. Product Description and Intended Use

3.1 Product Description

  1. Multi-point infrared fast scanning for people of different height, suitable for high frequency measurement at entry/exist
  2. Detecting 8-14um infrared radiation for corresponding temperature range of human body temperature. To ensure fast scanning and measurements at different distance
  3. Voice feature for temperature to pronounce the measured temperature. Alarm for high temperature beyond pre-set threshold.
  4. Support auto scanning mode and triggered measuring mode
  5. Using DC power, saver to use.

3.2 Intended Use

HT-1403AS has vast range of application at schools, factories, train stations, airports, custom and check points, theatre, conference halls, supermarkets where fast screening for abnormal human body is needed.

4. Main Technical Indicators

Working environment environment temperature.:10—35℃
relative humidity :≤85%
power supply :DC 12V/1A

adaptor 5/2.1mm

Dimension (1200-2200)mm*360mm*520mm (including base)
Net Weight 18Kgs
Resolution 0.1℃
Testing Scope 34℃~43℃
Testing Tolerance ±0.4℃
Testing Repetitiveness ±0.2℃
Testing Time ≤1 S
Testing Range 20~40CM
Waterproof Standard IP50

5. Basic Component and Structure

Picture 1: Basic component and structure

Picture 2: Power Plug and connection Ports on the rear